5 Links to Mastering Podcasting

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linksWhat if you could be heard by a global audience that is looking for just the types of expertise and insights you can provide?

What if you could reach them not only at the office, but in their cars, while they are working out, or even while they are doing the dishes?

You can, of course, if you launch a podcast. In this post, I offer links to what I feel are five of the best sources both for the practical how tos of setting up a podcast, but also why you may want to do it.

As anyone who has been reading here for a while knows, I am very bullish on podcasting right now – and, of course, run my own over at Learning Revolution. If you have been toying at all with the idea of starting your own show, now is the time. And here are those links I promised:

How to Podcast 2012 Edition

I’m starting with Mitch Joel because he makes it so clear that (a) podcasting can be incredibly valuable, and (b) you don’t have to go overboard with equipment and software to create a decent podcast. Indeed, Mitch created the long-running, popular podcast Six Pixels of Separation using a relatively simple approach. (Similar to the one I have used myself on many podcasts.)

Learn How to Podcast 101podcast-answer-man

Now, if you do want to step up your game, Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man, is the first place to turn. In this set of videos, he offers a huge amount of detailed, high-value information on nearly every aspect of podcasting. If you wan t to go even deeper and get direct access to the Answerman himself, consider his Podcasting AtoZ course – I’ve been through it myself, and it is excellent.

How to Start a Podcast – Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial

Like everyone I list here, Pat Flynn runs a very successful podcast – The Smart Passive Income Podcast – and on this page he very generously shares how he does it.

6 Podcastng Tips from the Pros

I was fortunate to be able social-media-marketing-podcastto interview Michael Stelzner about virtual conferences as I was writing Leading the Learning Revolution. I have since become addicted to his Social Media Marketing Podcast and use it as the benchmark for my own podcasting. In this article, he offers up tips from some real pros, including Cliff Ravensraft (mentioned above), Christopher Penn (whose Marketing Over Coffee podcast with John Wall is among my favorites) and Derek Halpern, who seems to be leaning more to video these days, but still puts out great audio episodes on occassion.

Podcasting – Is the Old New Again? – Tell Bigger Stories

Ubiquitous social media guy Chris Brogan has jumped into the podcasting pool recently with his The Human Business Way radio show. In this post, he lays out some of his thinking on podcasting and (scroll down) he also includes a video on how he puts together his podcasts.


Set aside a few hours on Saturday and Sunday to go through the content at these links, and you will be well down the road to podcast mastery.



P.S. – Got other great podcasting resources? Please comment and share them. And be sure to check out the latest edition of the Learning Revolution Podcast.

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